Not harmless 'windmills'

A wind turbine isn't a harmless 'windmill'

Don't be fooled.

A wind turbine is industrial equipment that can be as tall as 400 ft. (122m)—about a quarter the size of the CN Tower. A turbine's blades weigh upwards of 40 tons, with a vertical blade sweep of an acre or more. They're massive.


too closeWind turbines cause health problems by producing...

  • noise you can hear
  • noise you can't hear: infrasound
  • daytime shadow flicker and nighttime red light emissions
  • electrical pollution from underground wiring.

Infrasound has a history of military use for crowd control and torture. Its ability to harm internal organs and fertility is documented.

Wind turbines that are located too close to homes and farms are causing noticeable, debilitating health effects for some people and hidden, unstudied health effects for others.

The elderly and young children, especially those with autism or epilepsy,  notice the symptoms even more.

Pets and livestock are also suffering negative health effects.


Many recent health studies show wind turbines' negative effect on health.

There are no health studies proving turbines cause no harm.

People suffering negative health effects find relief only when they get away from the turbines. When they return, the symptoms reappear, sooner and stronger, over time.

A child's health problem becomes a family's health problem becomes a fight with the neighbour hosting the turbine. One family becomes many families and, soon, the community is destroyed.

There are over 50 rural Ontario community groups (with websites) dedicated to educating the public on the harmful health effects of wind turbines. There are many blogs.


"This winter, we have been coping with the health impacts by leaving our farm to spend time in town or neighbouring communities. During the warmer weather, we have purchased a trailer and rented a site at a campground in order to get away from the turbines ..."Read more