Wolfe Island

Wolfe Island

wi-too-close-1 Industrial wind turbines are everywhere

Wolfe Island is covered with industrial wind turbines. 

Located in Lake Ontario at the entrance to the St. Lawrence River near Kingston, Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands. Its population of about 1400 doubles or triples during the summer months. 

Wolfe Island is designated an Important Bird Area and is an important stopover location for migrating waterfowl including swans. The island has a large population of wild turkeys, deer, and other wildlife. The Big Sandy Bay Management Area is classified as a provincially significant life science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest which includes sand dunes, wetlands, rare plants, trees, and birds.

The Wolfe Island Town Hall is a National Historic Site of Canada. 

Covered in industrial wind turbines, the quaint rural community has been changed forever. The wildlife population, forced into small areas with limited food, continues to decrease.