Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island

Burr-Oak-SavannaA wind turbine access road cuts through the rare Burr Oak Savannah, one of Ontario’s 'Areas of Natural and Scientific Importance'.

Located at the top of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, Manitoulin is the world's largest fresh-water island with a population of about 12,000 which expands in the summer. 

Designated by the Ministry of Natural Resources as Ontario's "most bio-diverse" and "threatened" area, the Island now has 4 industrial wind turbines with another 24 under construction. The North Channel, bordering the Island, is being dredged to enable transport of the power to the mainland. 

Manitoulin is an Important Bird Area of international significance and is an important migratory path for rare bird species such as the Sandhill Crane. The Island is home to dozens of endangered birds (Loggerhead Shrike), at-risk wildlife (Sharp-tailed Grouse), and protected habitats (Alvar), including the Area of Natural and Scientific Importance (ANSI)-designated Burr Oak Savannah, now destroyed. 

The Island's most popular tourist attraction, the famous Cup and Saucer Hiking Trail along the Niagara Escarpment, will soon be lined with turbines. The Island's rare wetlands and old growth Boreal Forest are being decimated by multiple turbine access roads.