Amherst Island

Amherst Island

Owl-Woods-with-TurbinesProposed turbines will decimate the internationally-recognized Owl Woods sanctuary.

A historic rural community faces the imminent threat of about 36 industrial wind turbines.

Located in Lake Ontario, just west of Kingston, Amherst Island is a small pastoral community accessible only by ferry, with a population of about 450 people which doubles during the summer months. 

Heritage Canada lists Amherst island as one of The 10 Most Endangered Places in Canada. 

Amherst Island is designated an Important Bird Area and is an important migratory path for rare species of birds. The Island has large numbers of wintering hawks and is home to the famous nature reserve known as Owl Woods. People travel there from around the world for a glimpse of the rare Boreal Owl. Amherst Island is internationally-recognized for its extraordinary wildlife, including the Blanding's Turtle.