Health problems

Health problems

As the Ontario government expected, a significant percentage of people are experiencing stress-related health effects from wind turbines located too close to homes and farms. Pets and livestock are also suffering. Suggested causes include a combination of wind turbine noise, infrasound, dirty electricity, ground current, shadow flicker, and red light emissions.


Health problems from wind turbines impact physical, mental, and social well-being. 


too-close-4Across rural Ontario, people are suffering from sleep disorders, depression, and a wide range of spin-off health issues, such as...

* excessive tiredness * headache * stress, distress * migraines, hearing problems * tinnitus * ear pressure * unexplained bloody noses * dizziness * vertigo * nausea * vomiting * visual blurring * irritability * tachycardia * problems with concentration and memory * panic episodes associated with sensations of internal pulsations or quivering when awake or asleep * heart palpitations * anxiety * overall reduced quality of life.


Some people have symptoms believed to be from turbines' stray voltage, such as...

* pain/burning in the feet * swollen eyes * injuries/cuts that don't heal or take a long time to heal * aching teeth and gums


Some people who live and work near wind turbines notice the health effects more than others. The elderly and children, especially those with autism or epilepsy, are especially impacted.


Day in, day out--around the clock--these people suffer, unable to stop the abuse. They've tried everything. Window blinds. Insulation. Living underground in their basements. They've pleaded for help from Ontario's departments of Health, Energy, and the Environment. They've contacted the Ontario Power Authority, Hydro One, wind developers. No one will help them. Few even believe them.


These families feel anger, grief, and a sense of injustice.


Some leave their homes temporarily for relief. Others abandon their home forever. Some have reached a financial agreement with the wind developer--a legal contract with a 'gag clause' which prevents the family from talking about it.


Be their voice. Spread the truth. The suffering is real.