Doctors speak out

Doctors speak out about wind turbines

Ontario physicians are seeing an increasing number of patients--who live and work near wind turbines--reporting health problems. Veterinarians are also seeing an increasing number of pets and livestock who are suffering ill health.

too-close-14People's symptoms include...

* sleeplessness * depression * headache * excessive tiredness * stress * distress * migraines * hearing problems * tinnitus * ear pressure * unexplained bloody noses * dizziness * vertigo * nausea * vomiting * visual blurring * irritability * mood swings * tachycardia * problems with concentration and memory * panic episodes associated with sensations of internal pulsations or quivering when awake or asleep * heart palpitaitons * anxiety

Some people have symptoms believed to be from turbines' stray voltage, such as...

*pain/burning in the feet * swollen eyes * injuries/cuts that don't heal or take a long time to heal * aching teeth and gums

Some people notice the health effects more than others. Elderly patients and children, especially those with autism or epilipsy, are especially impacted.

Medications prescribed for these symptoms have only a short-term effect. With time, the medication's effectiveness decreases and the symptom's intensity increases. The only effective remedy is to get away from the turbines.

Patients are leaving their homes for relief. However, when they return, the symptoms reappear. Each time they return, the reoccurence is sooner and the symptoms are stronger. Some abandon their homes forever.


Ontario doctors believe it's time to act...time to speak out.

Wind turbines harm health when they are too close to people and animals. The suffering is real.

Be sure to give your physician the information and your veterinarian the information about wind turbines' harmful health effects.

Encourage them to join the coalition of Ontario Doctors either online or by using this Form.